About Us

Rays Technologies is premium Corporate Training and Placement company. It is providing training on cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Spring, Angular, React, Java, Python, Automated Testing, etc. After IIT and NIT, Rays is one of the leading institute in India from where IT Engineers are getting the highest packages in multinational companies.

Rays Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified Company. It was established in 2006 and is active in multiple cities in India. We started our company with ‘SUNRAYS’ brand name that was later renamed RAYS Technologies in 2015. We primarily deal in Information Technology Services, Staffing Solutions, Corporate Training, and Career Consultancy. We aim at providing highly trained cutting-edge IT professionals to the IT Industry.

We provide training to Corporate Employees and Professionals in end-to-end enterprise solutions. Our training contents are designed and developed in accordance with the current industry standards and future requirements. Our courses are highly valued in the corporate IT world. Our courses cover the most comprehensive portfolio of IT.

Our rich experience with a customer-centric approach has prepared us to enrich the knowledge and skillsets of dynamic software engineers by providing value-added training in the areas of Software Development and Testing.

We have an excellent placement record and we guided and placed thousands of trainees in the MNCs and CMM Level 5 Companies.


Corporate-J training transforms you from an Unemployed-Unskilled-Engineer to Employed-Skilled-Software-Engineer. It helps you to get your dream and respectable Job in IT Industry. It empowers you to THINK BEYOND CAMPUS.

Corporate-J training contains learning of Open Source Technologies of Cloud and Java technologies that are highly valued and paid in Software Industry.

Sunil Open Source Learning Center ( SunilOS )

Rays Technologies is providing its open-source training programs under SunilOS brand. SunilOS is dedicated to train computer science students on Open Source Technologies and making them employable.

Open Source Technologies are most widely used in software industry to develop modern enterprise applications. Expertise in Open Source frameworks and technologies converts a computer science student into a potential employee.


We have the excellent placement record and we guided and placed thousands of trainees in the MNCs and CMM Level 5 Companies.

Conflict with Oracle America Inc and name change:

We started our venture with “SUNRAYS” brand name with a clear vision of making Indian youth employable. We placed thousands of software engineers in IT Industry and earned great trust of our trainees and clients. We expanded to multiple cities of India and successfully completed 10 years. SUNRAYS was our registered trademark but was restricting us to expand us in other cities of India.

ORACLE AMERICA INC has similar brand name “SUN RAY”. Oracle was getting an impression that SUNRAYS brand will conflict their interest in India. ORACLE AMERICA INC and ORACLE INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION filed two lawsuits against us in Mumbai High court.

We settled lawsuits and decided to withdraw our trademark SUNRAYS and rename our venture to “RAYS Technologies”. We are proud to say, RAYS is maintaining the same quality, delivery and trust with our trainees and clients in India.