Health Care Adviser


This is a web-based application that facilitates Doctors to advise Patients online. Doctors and Patients are registered with the system. Both must have to enter their residential area at the time of registration. When registered Patient wants to get advice from a registered Doctor for a specific disease, the patient can check the list of doctors who are online at that moment. If doctor is not online in patient’s area then he/she can also check online doctors of another are which is nearer to his/her.

After selecting Doctor, Patient can chat online with Doctor. During chat, patient can say to doctor about his/her disease and doctor can give some advise that which kind of disease there may be and gives advise to consult a doctor if required.

When patient want to chat with doctor and if same doctor is chatting with some another patient, then that patient’s request will be pending.

In addition, apart from chat, one another function is included in this system which is Appointment. Patient can also take Appointment of doctor prior to online chat. Doctor will be available to Patient at the time of Appointment. After submitting appointment from a report will be generated that contains Patient, Clinic, Doctor and Appointment Time details. Patient can print this report or it it will be emailed to Patient Email ID.

Project Development Life-cycle

Requirement Gathering


Functional Requirements

Analysis and Design

Application Architecture

Design - UML Diagrams

HTML Prototype

Database Model


Source Code


    • Java 1.8

    • JSP/Servlet

    • Java Mail API

    • MVC

    • JDBC

    • HTML

    • CSS

    • Bootstrap

    • Java Script